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WERM Flooring is a permanent solution to a problem that trailer owners have dealt with for
years...heavy awkward rubber matting.  This flooring system seals your trailer floor providing a
padded slip resistant surface that is durable and impervious to liquids, eliminating the need for
those rubber mats.  
  • Easy to Clean, Just hose off
No mats to remove, no seams for bacteria to reside in
  • Keeps your horses comfortable & clean
Adds cushion and reduces road noise, lowers dust, non-absorbent
  • Ultimate Trailer Flooring Protection
Durable, Eliminates pitting & Deterioration of aluminum & wood
  • Versatile
Excellent for stalls, kennels, cargo trailers, barns, wash racks
  • Durable
Won't crack or chip like other spray-on liners
  • Affordable & Environmentally Friendly
2 year warranty on any material defects and workmanship,
Made from a combination of virgin & recycled rubber
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