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Custom Built
We offer groundload trailers built specific to your needs.  We can take your used pot livestock
trailer and customize it into a groundload, or we can find a trailer to customize just for you!
Give us a call or email us for more information!
Trailers shown were custom built for our customers and have already been sold!
Groundload Pictures
Grounload Pot
1997 53 ft. Barrett Groundload/Pot built with
ramp from ground to top deck for easy
1998 53ft. Barrett punch side Groundload
with optional light bar and LED light package.
1994 50ft. Barrett slat side Groundload basic
package and added crank up dolley legs.
Click to enlarge.
1994 50ft. Barrett Punch side Groundload,
LED lights, butterfly rear doors,  and crank up
dolley legs.
19985 0ft. Barrett Punch side Groundload,
LED lights, Full swing rear door